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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 22, 2014 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> unmomento. >> helped to warm things up a touch. still many communities are below freezing. tomsbrook and strasburg. 33 in annapolis and 33 as of the 9:00 hour in downtown washington. dog walk, bike ride, plan on temperatures to get up into the mid 40s. you'll need your winter coat on your way out the door this morning. have a shedable layer since we'll warm up a touch later on this afternoon. today's highs, mostly in the 40s. tomorrow in the 50s. chance for a few showers after 9:00 or 10:00 tomorrow night. not a big impact on your weekend at all. college football forecast, hokies are on the road at winston salem playing the deacons. and montana at montana state in missoula, temperatures in the teens in big sky country.
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seven-day coming up. >> chuck, thank you. police are gathering in prince george's county to look for clues in a murder mystery. 26-year-old postal worker was shot and killed a year ago this weekend. police and his co-workers are returning to that neighborhood. darcy spencer is live on reid street. this is a case that continues to baffle the community. >> angie, you're right. i remember being here one year ago when this incident happened. a lot of letter carriers were very concerned, coming up to us and saying they were scared because they were having to deliver mail in the dark. one year later, we still have no arrest. and police are going to be out here, handing out fliers and trying to drum up information. he was shot and killed delivering mail here at reid street. he was 26 years old. there's been no arrest in the case. police did release a video of a vehicle that may have been associated with this crime. it's believed to be a jeep grand cherokee. prince george's county police
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are expected to be out here, handing out fliers. a candlelight vigil is scheduled for tomorrow night. darcy spencer, news 4. >> all right. thank you so much, tarsy, for that report. we do have a crime alert for you in bethesda. montgomery county police say thieves have been posing as utility workers and later breaking into these houses. police say the burglars may be from out of town using cars with license plates from ohio, pennsylvania as well as north carolina. they're saying that they use women as lookouts. they coordinate using walkie talkies and target certain hoechls while the owner is away. if you notice any suspicious behavior, call montgomery county police. right now, the grand jury in ferguson, missouri, is still meeting to consider charges against the officer that shot and killed michael brown. city officials, sport stars, even president obama are calling for calm once the grand jury
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decides whether to indict officer darren wilson. nbc's jay gray has more from ferguson. >> reporter: as the streets grow more crowded in ferguson, there is an uneasy tension that comes with the waiting here. >> the city is really in a panic at this point. in anticipation of this decision. >> reporter: a decision many believe will come this weekend from the grand jury, considering charges against police officer darren wilson in the august shooting death of unarmed teen michael brown. >> i have confidence we will come through this better and not the worst. >> reporter: the images of violence in the days after brown's death serve as a painful reminder and warning here. >> hurting others and destroying property is not the answer. >> reporter: in a videotaped announcement, brown's father, michael brown sr., has called for calm, regardless of the grand jury's decision. local sports star and attorney
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general eric holder don't mention ferguson or the case but are also calling for unity and peace. a message plastered on many of the board up windows and doors in the community right now. a familiar cry from protesters that's he can owed in the days since brown's death. >> the reason why they're different hands, different people, different ages, different races, is basically to say we need like all the people. no matter who they are, no matter what color they are, to stand together. >> reporter: and so many hope no matter what the grand jury says. jay gray, nbc news, ferguson. >> now ahead of the grand jury's announcement, local and state police have been meeting with 50 protest groups to discuss rules of engagement to keep things safe. police have agreed that excessive force will not be tolerated. in return they're encouraging protesters to discourage violence against police and local businesses. and we're working to find out if the brooklyn district
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attorney's office will file charges against an nypd officer for killing a man. officer ylang shot and killed a 28-year-old man at a brooklyn housing project yesterday, inside a dimly lit stairwell in the building when the man and his girlfriend walked into that stairwell. investigators say ylang heard a noise, turned and fired his gun. the police commissioner and new york city's mayor are calling the shooting an accident. new this morning, president obama expanded the military in afghanistan. u.s. jets, drones and bombers would be able to carry out those combat missions. this morning, we have a happy update for one little girl that was featured on wednesday's child back in 2004.
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she was just 4 years old back then. now she's 14. in about an hour, her sister, yolanda greenfield will adopt her on the 28th international adoption day. that's great. barbara harrison will be there when a record number of our wednesday's children will have their adoptions finalized in d.c. superior court at 10:00 am. >> how about that? >> that's great. two men locked away for 40 years for a murder they did not commit. >> how the key testimony that sent them to prison helped set them free. plus an update on the window washer, fighting for his life after an 11-story fall. >> wow! and with the snow hitting the new york area, you are probably wondering how much snow is in store for us. we break down your winter worth
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he landed on a moving car. get this, he survived. the accident happened yesterday in downtown san francisco. witnesses say they heard the man screaming before he crashed on to a car that just turned on to a busy street. he's in critical condition with a broken arm and injuries to his side. the driver of the car was not hurt. >> wow! time right now is 9:09. two former ohio inmates are waking up as free men for the first time since 1975. they've been sentenced to death for a crime they did not commit. >> and this week, that 40-year-old wrongfully accused situation was finally made right. nbc's cynthia mcfadden has the story. >> life is filled with small victories and this is a big one. >> reporter: the moment ricky jackson waited 39 years for. >> it was like an emotional roller coaster, you know. the english language doesn't fit what i'm feeling right now. >> reporter: free from prison, his sentence vacated.
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jackson was one of three neighborhood kids convicted of a gr gruesome 1975 murder in cleveland and sent to death row. with no physical evidence, prosecutors based their case on the testimony of one 12-year-old boy, who recently came forward and said he lied. i felt extreme pressure from detectives to describe a crime i never saw. >> in '75, he was a 12-year-old kid. and he was manipulated and coerced by police, you know. and they used him. it took a lot of courage for him to do what he did in that courtroom. >> reporter: also freed his co-defendant, wiley bridgeman, whose brother was paroled in 2003 and fought to help his friend and brother. >> the business is over with, you know? i'm at the end of that road. >> reporter: their first stop, lunch with the attorneys who fought so hard for their release. many of them not even born when the men were convicted. >> ricky jackson is one of the strongest men i know. i can't even imagine what it was like to be in prison for 39
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years for a crime you didn't commit. >> reporter: they return to a different world. gerald ford was president when they went to prison and it was the first year of "saturday night live." >> i spent my 20s, 30s, 40s and nearly all of my 50s in prison, you know. and time is just something that you can't get back. so i'm not going to really cry about it. but i had plans for my life, you know. >> reporter: now he has to put his life back together. is one of 30 states that does compensate the wrongfully convicted. up to $40,000 for each year. but it's an arduous process to get it and many don't get a dime. >> let's raise our glasses to freedom. >> reporter: cynthia mcfadden, nbc news, new york. we're following developing news in ohio. a deadly shooting, and the youngest victim, a 10-year-old. what we're learning about the case, coming up. stolen food truck found. news 4 twitter follower tips off police. where they finally tracked it
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down. with the chill factor, chuck. >> that's right. plenty of cold outside right now. when you see me next, i'll have the seven-day forecast. and it's official, winter outlook. don't go
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we're following a developing story out of ohio this morning. a pregnant woman and three others were murdered overnight inside a cleveland home. the victims include two men and two women. one of the women was six months
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pregnant. and a 10-year-old girl was also shot but she is expected to survive. police say they don't have any suspects right now. new this morning, the university of maryland is testing a new ebola vaccine in baltimore. so far, 20 people have been vaccinated in the trial. the vaccine uses a common cold virus genetically engineered with the ebola virus. it was developed at the national institute for allergy and infectious diseases. it's also being tested in britain and switzerland. twitter and our own mark seagraves helped to crack the case of a missing food truck from alexandria. the food truck was stolen yesterday morning. the owner tweeted about the crime, asking for help. around 7:00 pm, paul thomas responded to our tweet and said the truck was across the street from his office in forestville, maryland. thomas said the truck had been there all day and didn't even realize it was stolen until he saw mark seagraves' report on
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news 4 at 6:00. get the man a cake. >> getting it done! security camera captures the moment a car crashes into a building. then the building -- look at that -- starts to crash down. police in kansas city, missouri, say that car was stolen and they were involved in a high-speed chase with the driver when she crashed. the driver wasn't seriously hurt and no one inside that building was hurt. a little change of the subject here. another sign of the holidays, that they've arrived in washington. capital christmas tree is here. massive white spruce from, chuck -- >> chippewa! >> -- chippewa national forest in minnesota. before the big lighting, the tree will be decorated with thousands of ornaments made across fr people across the state of minnesota. the big reveal comes december 2nd at 5:00 when house speaker john boehner lights it on up. >> didn't chop that down from your front yard? >> no. >> that tree is thinking it's
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warm around here. you know? that's cold stuff up there in minnesota. cold north winds. this will be good tree decorating weather today if you're stringing up the lights on the house, whatever you'll be doing outside today. very cooperative weather for your weekend, both today and tomorrow. chance for showers coming in tomorrow. not until well after the sun goes down. your daylight hours this weekend looking good. outside, bright sunshine. tons of it, in fact, coming on down. it's a nice day to be out there. there's still a real chill left this morning. cold front went by yesterday. blustery, cool, friday afternoon. that led to a very cold start this morning. most of the suburbs were down to the mid teens early this morning. national airport, one of our usual warm spots all the way up to a balmy 33 degrees now. it's already 34 in manassas, where you were 15 three hours ago. 24 in martinsburg. 29 in baltimore. 33 annapolis. so the warm-up has already begun. hometown forecast, going out to
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georgetown to cheer on the nbc 4 folks and everyone with cranksgiving. lunchtime and you'll be done about 12:05. 48 for a high in georgetown and back into the chilly upper 30s and 40s for saturday night on the town. on the whole, though, weather impact nice and low with plenty of sunshine for today. we'll have clouds back in for tomorrow. more importantly, the cold air ten days in a row colder than average is in retreat for now. chance for showers coming in late tomorrow. this rain chance will miss us today up into parts of western new york where they absolutely don't need anything in the way of moisture. our next rain chance will be scooped up out of the gulf coast and as a result our rain chances go up as the sun goes down tomorrow. download our storm team 4 weather app. a forecast you'll want to watch carefully. near 70 monday. chance for rain and snow day before thanksgiving. lows back down only to the 20s
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s. nowhere near as cold as it was this morning. tomorrow even with increasing clouds, a milder day coming with temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60. future weather tomorrow, 10:30 tomorrow morning, clouds starting to come back in during the day. we'll be dry through the daylight hours. 8:00 tomorrow night. that little chance for showers coming in here. most of the rain, though, will come in late tomorrow night. 1:30 am monday morning. this is really a late night, sunday night into predawn monday morning rain issue. monday once we clear it on out, man, will it be nice around here. as i mentioned, up near 70 for a time on monday. very mild day for sure. 40s today. 50s tomorrow. near 70 monday. tuesday, sunshine. little cooler. and there's that little rain snow chance on wednesday. we'll have to watch this one very, very carefully. it looks like it will be out of here by thanksgiving. temperatures only in the 40s. college football, adam tuss requested this one. fordham rams on the road taking
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on the black knights of hudson. temperatures will be in the 30s for that one. ram also have to bundle up. carolina gamecocks hosting south carolina. no problem there. boomer sooner trying to stay on the winning track, hosting the jayhawks. could be stormy weather in the great plains. we'll watch that carefully. i mentioned a little chance for snow wednesday. could be a fairly productive winter from a snowfall perspective. for more on the official storm team 4 winter weather outlook here is chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> two words. cold and snow. those are the two words that crippled our region from january to march last winter. it was a winter that seemed as if it would never end. the big question is, will this year be as bad as last year? the answer? i think it may just be worse. last winter was cold. it didn't start off that way.
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the cold set in in january. we are talking arctic cold. that cold lasted all the way to march and so did the snow. on average, d.c. gets 15 inches a year. last year we raked up over 30 inches. while areas to the west, like dulles, saw over 50 inches and a bit farther to the west, incredible 80 inches of snoecw.t this year, however, it's a minor factor in the overall pattern. the biggest factor, a very warm north pacific ocean from north of hawaii all the way up toward alaska. something else we look at? snow cover in sigh beerberia. yep, there's a direct correlation to that snow cover and our winter. that's at record levels. you get very cold air forced to move in across the arctic into
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north america. the real cold looks to set in, in january. february also looks below average, which should be close to normal. as for snowfall, i expect that to be well above average. i expect d.c. to receive between 18 and 25 inches of snow. that may be on the low side. we'll see less in the southeast and more farther west where 25 to 50 inches could fall. get ready. if the cold from this week didn't get you thinking of winter, mother nature has a lot more where that came from. >> all right. >> well, put you on the spot. >> no, no, 100% agreement. absolutely. the pattern we're in, it just favors these big dislodgings of polar air to come down. if we could keep this kind of cold pattern going, we're going to have a great snow winter. >> i would like to get it one or two times and get it over with. rather than see this past year.
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>> five blizzards than five little somethings, absolutely. >> i wouldn't say five. >> we'll have to wait and see. >> we'll know better in april. >> okay. >> right. >> thanks, chuck. reporters have it rough sometimes. you're going to see why in this video, coming up.
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talk about becoming part of the story.
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reporter in venice beach took a skateboard to the head yesterday during his stand-up. australian reporter mike armor. he never saw it coming, the poor guy. he was able to finish the story and assured everyone he wasn't hurt badly. people think we're just out there -- >> uh-huh. >> drinking calfy. >> right. >> not the way it happen. >> you would never think that that would happen there. i don't know if that was on purpose. >> no, definitely not. that's like trying to hit the field goal post. you couldn't try to do that again if you tried but, yeah -- >> it looks like the kid fell off and the skateboard went over the guy's head. >> still scary to say the least. >> hope mike is feeling all right. >> we're going to have to start wearing helmets when we're at skate parks, right? >> during reports? >> hope he's okay. today's cranksgiving, don't worry, we will be wearing our helmets for this. this is a way to help fight hunger. we'll doing this bike ride and
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scavenger hunt throughout the day. savannah guthrie and al roker coming down for this. in fact, all the "today" show members doing it. melissa mollet and tom kierein. everything will benefit miriam's kitchen. waterfront 11:30, noonish. >> good weather today. >> bright sn schein. most of your weekend nothing to worry about. couple of showers coming in after dark tomorrow. that's about the only weather impact. >> all right. thank you, chuck. that's going to do it for this edition of news 4 today. thank you so much for joining us. >> we're back here tomorrow morning at 6:00. until then, have a great saturday, everybody.
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